Monday, June 29, 2015


This is me. This was me. January 2013. A mom of two girls, one was 2.5 and the other 6.5 and a wife to this amazing man. I was in a rut, my life was caught up in taking care of my family and the stress of my dad slowly being taken away from me because of cancer. I used food many times as an emotional crutch and didn't worry about taking care of myself as much as I was focused on the ones I loved around me. 

After my dad passed away I began to refocus my time on ME. I couldn't bare to lose another person to cancer or disease and I was not going to put my kids through that if I had any control over it. So I began to workout on a regular basis and tried to eat healthier. In the past, I had tried several 'diets' like Atkins was a main one that circulated my house for years from either my husband doing it or I would but you know what, when you deprive yourself of certain things, your body reacts and caves and you are back in the endless pit. Calorie counting was always too much work, took to much effort and I had kids to feed and a husband to cook for and taking the time to log my food or weigh my food was just not convenient for me. I even tried those crazy wraps that are supposed to shrink your waist line and get rid of stretch marks and lose skin. Yeah....I lost a couple of inches but my mommy tummy still there in all it's glory...NEXT. 

I then started to workout and I started doing some of those cool 30 day challenges. I would then post that to Instagram or Facebook. The more I did that, I then had friends say they wanted to join me and do it too. So then it started with a group text. We would text eachother when the challenge was completed. Well texting became too annoying for us so I started a private Facebook group for just my friends and I who wanted to lose weight and be accountable. The group grew with more friends and friends of friends. And we were doing great! 

There was a moment that I wanted some sort of protein shake to drink after workouts or during the day so I posted on Facebook about it. I had many answers thrown at me of course and a few of those were Shakeology but never had I heard about that. So I tried some store bought stuff but really had no idea what was good for me or what I needed this for.
So one day a friend of mine messaged me about Beachbody and about the Shakeology. Gave me some facts and we chatted for awhile, for days maybe longer because I then started asking a million questions. She told me that she was a Beachbody coach. I told her about the group I had and little did I know I was pretty much coaching already!
Well I'm a skeptic. I told her I would have to try this shake before I made any commitment. I asked her what she was doing that made her lose weight and inches and get fit after having kids and it was her workout program the 21 Day Fix from Beachbody.  A workout program with DVD's and a meal plan with portion containers. hmmm.... I'm not too sure about this. So what did I do? I ordered the sample pack of Shakeology and the portion containers by themselves. I was being frugal. Well I loved the shakes and was disappointed when my pack of 4 was gone. I decided then to order the challenge pack that came with it all and I signed up as a coach for the discount because Beachbody offers an awesome 25% off all products after you sign up. Within three days, I was losing weight and inches off my waist!!
See, I had lost weight eating right, but the trick was, I was eating healthy but I was still eating too much of the healthy foods so I was stuck at a plateau forever! Once I broke my plateau in the first week and inches were lost from my hardest area to lose, I was IN for the long haul. Two weeks after starting the program I decided I have to coach! I have to help other people get their results. I know my friends and family would be so successful doing this program with me, I just have to tell others about it.
I wanted to help others, period. And so I became a coach and haven't looked back. This is the greatest thing I could have been introduced to. My husband and I are healthier, we are leaner, we have built muscle and are still on a journey to health and fitness. He has personal that's he's set for himself as I do as well. We just want to set a good example for our beautiful girls that the food that we eat affects us now and in the future and that exercise does nothing but GOOD for your body. So this is my journey...I hope you stick around to follow me.